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FOX Friend Doocy leaves out salient detail in Clinton segment

Reported by Chrish - November 5, 2007 -

The Friends on FOX this morning 11/5/07 discussed the documents about healthcare from the Clinton administration that are archived at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, specifically the records pertaining to Hillary Clinton's healthcare task force. There has been FOIA requests for release of the documents and Clinton's opponents and detractors are insinuating that the Clintons are hiding something.

The Friends cited a current Newsweek article for their segment but left out a rather salient point to reinforce the perception that Hillary is deliberately hiding something.

Steve Doocy told viewers

"...and when Hillary Clinton said, when she was queried at the debate, y'know, why don't you release all these documents from your husband's administration so we can see what you were up to, she said 'well, it's not my decision to make.'

'Not so fast,' says Newsweek magazine. Back in 1994 President Clinton designated his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and his adviser Bruce Lindsey as co-representatives for control of his Presidential papers. So technically, Hillary actually can release all those documents, all by herself."

FOX and Friends watchers, if they were inclined to fact-check, would find that what the Newsweek article actually states is

"At the debate, Mrs. Clinton rejected the idea that she could accelerate the process by encouraging her husband to lift restrictions he has placed on confidential communications with his wife on policy matters. "Well, that's not my decision to make," she said.

In 1994, according to another National Archives document obtained by NEWSWEEK, President Clinton formally designated both his wife and his close adviser Bruce Lindsey as co-representatives for control of his papers in the event of his death or disability. Lindsey now reviews all White House papers at the library before they are cleared for release; Hillary, (campaign spokesperson) Carson says, "has never been involved in the clearing process. Bruce is the designee."

By omitting the relevant portion about former President Clinton's death or disability, Doocy makes it appear to viewers that candidate Clinton could release papers but will not, because she doesn't want folks to know "what she was up to."