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Cavuto Gets it Up and Reports the Hard News About the Limp Dollar

Reported by Melanie - November 5, 2007 -

One of the items Neil Cavuto reported on today (November 5, 2007) during his "Fox Stox" segment was about super model Gisele Bundchen's alleged refusal to be paid in dollars due to its depreciation. Now, ol' Neil hasn't talked much about the falling dollar but today he found a way to report on it that would both appeal (wink, wink) to his viewers and distract them from the seriousness of the issue.

Here's what Cavuto said:

Ginelle Buchen (sic) is now the killer figure and apparently a killer head for figures. The world's richest model reportedly refusing to accept her pay in dollars. She wants Euros or just about anything else. Published reports say that her manager is concerned about the depreciating value of the greenback but her agent is denying this story. And using this video was purely accidental.

Yeah, sure Neil. Just like these were.

Here's the video, which is the real meat of Cavuto's report, so to speak.