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Male Chauvinism 101: Barnes and Kondracke Take Pot Shots at Hillary Clinton, Feminists. Token Female Panelist Does Nothing.

Reported by Marie Therese - November 4, 2007 -

Nothing like a little male chauvinism to get the blood pumping in the veins to the largely male over-60 audience that watch the FOX News Channel. Last Thursday (November 1st), if you listened to the All-Star Panel discussion of Hillary Clinton's performance at the latest Democratic debate, you might believe that you'd entered a time machine and been zapped back to the 1960s. Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke made the same kind of snide condescending comments about "feminists" that were prevalent when I was in college. As one of the first class of women to attend an all-male college, I got used to having the door slammed in my face and reading nasty comments carved into desktops. So, it was really unpleasant listening to the neanderthals at FOX News dredging up rhetoric I thought had been excised from the national debate. But what was worse was watching Mara Laisson try to act as though Barnes and Kondracke were saying something of merit, when - in my woman's heart - I know she wanted to tell them - loudly - what she was really thinking! Video below the fold.