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Fox Whines About Congress' 4 Day Work Week, Leaves Out That Repubs Worked 3 Days a Week

Reported by Melanie - November 4, 2007 -

One of the segments yesterday (November 3, 2007) on Forbes on Fox was designed to bash the "Democratic congress" for cutting its work week from five days to four. (This is typical of the content of this Fox "business news" show.) While the chyron read, "Plan to Work Less: Great for America & Economy!" the roundtable participants bashed congress from all angles: The less they work the better. The question is not how long they work, it's what they're doing while they work. Taxpayers pay the same salary but they're getting 20% less work. If they spend that extra day lobbying, currying favor, and getting money from special interests, that would be bad, if they govern less, that would be good. And finally, they should work five days like the rest of us.

Comment: In the 2-1/2 years I monitored Fox's financial shows while the Republicans were in charge and before the Democrats "swept" congress last November, I didn't hear any whining about the hours congress put in. Nor did I hear then, or yesterday, that in fact the Republicans worked three days a week and, according to the Washington Post, that was, "during the relatively few weeks the House wasn't in recess." If Fox's audience was truly an informed audience, it wouldn't dare air a segment like this.