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Breaking News: Pakistan's Musharraf Declares Emergency, Suspends Constitution, Removes Supreme Court Judges

Reported by Marie Therese - November 4, 2007 -

Major media outlets, including FOX News, are reporting that Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf has declared that Pakistan is in a state of emergency. Musharraf has deployed the army, closed down independent media outlets that do not support his regime, suspended the constitution and gotten rid of any Supreme Court judges who do not agree with him. General Musharraf has declared that he was forced into this action by a rise in Islamic extremism in his country. Recently returned former Prime Minister Benizir Bhutto is in Karachi, having just returned from Dubai. Many believe that this is the first sortie in a power struggle between Mme. Bhutto and her rival, Gen. Musharraf. Things are not going well for the Bush administration in the Middle East. The Taliban's influence has surged in Afghanistan. Iraq is still a mess. Turkey, where only 9% of the population have good feelings about the United States, is attacking Iraq's northern Kurds and now Pakistan seems on its way to becoming a dictatorship. With video.

From a Seattle Times report via AP:

Under the emergency declaration, the justices were ordered to take an oath to abide by a "provisional constitutional order" that replaces the country's existing Constitution. Any justice official who failed to do so would be dismissed.

Seven of the court's 11 justices gathered inside the court rejected the order, according to an aide to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Issuing their own order, the justices called Musharraf's declaration unlawful and urged military officials not to abide by it.

By 9 p.m., Chaudhry and the other justices had gone to their homes, which were surrounded by police, who blocked reporters from entering the area, disconnected phone lines and jammed cellphones in the area.

Several hours later, the state-run news media reported that three justices generally seen as supporting Musharraf had taken an oath to uphold the emergency measure. And it was announced that Chaudhry had been replaced by a pro-government member of the Supreme Court bench, Abdul Hamid Doger, as chief justice.