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Oliver North So Eager To Attack Iran, He Gets The Facts Wrong

Reported by Ellen - November 2, 2007 -

In his zeal to attack Iran, convicted liar Oliver North (his conviction was overturned on a technicality) got his facts wrong about Iran in a way that conveniently made them seem more villainous. Was North lying or just mistaken? We report, you decide! With video.

The excuse for last night’s (11/1/07) warmongering session on Hannity & Colmes were two new polls. One, from Gallup, showed that 35% of Americans think Iran is the greatest threat to world security and another, from Zogby, showed that 52% are in favor of a military strike to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons. In fact, the overwhelming majority of polls, at least as posted on PollingReport.com, show that Americans do not want to go to war against Iran. The Zogby poll also has a margin of error of 3.1%, which means that it’s possible the majority does not support a military strike. But none of that has stopped “We like America” FOX News from doing their best to bring about military action anyway.

Alan Colmes was up first with North, the sole guest. “If we’re going to go by polls, then we should pull out of Iraq, right?” Colmes asked.

North dithered by saying he was not there to talk about polls.

Colmes continued, “Iran was the country that tried to help us and did help us in Afghanistan after September 11th. This is the country that actually reached out to the United States and we ignored them.”

Derisively, North said, “Alan, whose hype are you reading?” Uh, it’s called the truth, Ollie.

Colmes continued again, “When was the last time they attacked another country?”

North claimed that the last country Iran attacked was Iraq.

“No, Iraq attacked Iran,” Colmes corrected.

“No,” North insisted.

Yes, Ollie, as the BBC and Infoplease.com both attest.

“They haven’t attacked a country since the 1800’s,” Colmes said.

In a condescending voice, North said, “I was there (Yes, you were and you were lying about it then. Whose to say you aren’t lying now?) … And I remember well what Iran did back in 1979 and 1980.”

He went on to smear the IAEA by saying “they missed the fact the North Koreans were building nukes.” He claimed the IAEA was also wrong about the Indians and the Libyans.

I’ll leave it to Media Matters to fact check North’s claims about the IAEA but, as Colmes subsequently pointed out, the IAEA was right about Iraq whereas the United States was dead wrong.

Chickenhawk Sean Hannity avoided the issues like they might require military service. He conveniently ignored the fact that the same Zogby poll found that Americans prefer Hillary Clinton as the best presidential candidate to deal with Iran. Instead, he attacked “modern day liberal appeasement” with his phony-baloney Hanctimony.

Naturally, North jumped on the bash-liberals bandwagon.

It’s hard to know who the “We like America” network is more intent on destroying: Iran or their fellow Americans whose politics they don’t like.