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Oliver North continues the lie about flag-folding flap on FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - November 2, 2007 -

This morning 11/2/07 Oliver North was a guest on FOX and Friends to discuss the trumped-up flag-folding flap and to celebrate the equally phony victory of outraged religious patriots over the VA..The genesis of the flap and the clarification issued by the VA on October 30th are detailed in yesterday's post; the same falsehoods exposed then were repeated this morning.

“A lie told often enough becomes truth.” Vladimir Lenin.

With video.

(The segment was bannered "Flap flap follow-up," what a clever idea to use alliteration.)

The incident in California was again misrepresented as a complaint by "some atheist somewhere" who allegedly objected which led to a supposed banning of the use of the 13-fold recitation. In reality, traditional military honors include a silent folding ceremony and the family of the deceased has always been able to request a reading of the aforementioned script, or any other, religious or non-religious. The complaint, from a Jewish person, was about an egregious error in the reading at a funeral he was attending.

Doocy was wily enough to couch his report: "...it sounds as if they have rescinded the order that would have banned it," when again, in reality, the VA merely clarified the earlier policy. He continued that "now a family can request it and it will be performed." I repeat: nothing has changed. They could always request it, it was never banned.

North messed up the reading of the alleged offending section, number 11, and reiterated that now families who want it read can have it read.

The only thing that happened was the National Cemetery Administration, in the interest of uniformity, told the 125 participating cemeteries not to automatically read the script. Families are responsible for asking for readings.

North and Friends object to the burden being placed on the majority religious population to have to ask the government representatives (the Honor Guards, on US-owned property) to acknowledge and address their religion and think the minority who don't want religious references in their military honors should have to ask the government not to bless or proselytize to them at the funerals. This is the only view that we've seen advanced on FOX; no opposing view has been respectfully entertained.

Again, there was no victory, just a clarification of the government's correct, secular position.
But again, who expects the truth, plain and simple, on FOX?