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More from the Terrorists at Fox: "Electronic Jihad" 2.0 Set to "Take Down the Web" on November 11

Reported by Melanie - November 2, 2007 -

The last segment on Fox's Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (November 2, 2007) featured guest Paul Henry of Secure Computing. According to Cavuto's introduction, Henry says terrorists are planning to "take down the web" on November 11. After I stopped sweating bullets (just kidding!) and started listening to Henry, I wasn't convinced. As a matter of fact, I was literally laughing.

Cavuto introduced Henry saying that "terrorists" are "planning an electronic jihad against the West, next weekend! That's what my next guest is warning. He says this new software called Electronic Jihad 2.0 is what they will use to take down the web."

Henry said the old, "version one dot five of Electronic Jihad required a great deal of user configuration...you had to enter in the targets manually in order to launch an attack." In January, "version two dot o was released in the public Internet," which "automatically coordinates the targets once you've authenticated to the program."

Cavuto said he understood that Electronic Jihad 2.0 was going to "crash" sites "unfriendly" to "Islamic thinking," but wondered whether they have the "wherewithal."

Henry said they have the wherewithal but, "it remains to be seen if they have enough people willing to use the software and if they're able to create enough bandwidth to create any havoc for those sites that are targeted."

Cavuto said his "worry is going way beyond this," to "financial sites, to banks and brokerage houses." (Ah Cavuto -- ever pretending that he's a "business news" anchor.)

Henry said, "Their goal is to cause some sort of electronic harm." He said they weren't "too concerned" before, but with version 2.0, "we are finding it is a formidable software package." If they were to "target a financial organization and apply all of their resources to that specific target, they could potentially have an impact."

Cavuto wondered, "How sophisticated and along the lines are they to making this happen next week?"

Henry said, "Well, the tool has been out in the wild and distributed on the Internet for about two years. The updated version, two dot o, was released in January," but it, "remains to be seen on the 11th just how many are going to be using the software to launch these attacks. You know, there's no need to panic, but there's certainly a need to be aware. People need to dust off their security policies to make sure they can handle these types of attacks."

Cavuto closed by saying that, "We're going to be on it and of course, on it next week."

Throughout the segment, Fox's unambiguous chyron proclaimed: "Terrorists Planning an 'Electronic Jihad' on November 11."

Comment: We shall see what happens on November 11 but I must say, the longer Henry spoke, the more the air went out of the segment. According to Secure Computing's website, Paul Henry is Secure Computing's "VP of Technology Evangelism" -- an interesting title indeed -- but since when do VP's of Internet technology companies say things like "two dot o," and "security policies"? And don't you love Fox's definitive chyron and Cavuto's scary opening about "taking down the web" but then how the whole thing fizzled when Henry said the jihadists would have to "apply all of their resources" to "that specific target" before they'd "potentially have an impact?" I mean, if they have to muster all their resources to "potentially" have an "impact," I don't think there's much chance they're going to take down the web. But, hey, enough actual thinking! Fox doesn't want me to think, they want me to be scared.

By the way, Henry is quoted here as saying, "I'm not looking at Nov. 11 as being the day that the Internet goes down." Oops. Looks like Fox added some "color." Imagine that.