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Fox Spends Almost Entire Hour On Missing White Woman But Gets In A Story About Bush & A Friendly Audience

Reported by Donna - November 1, 2007 -

Studio B with Shepard Smith spent most his show spent on the missing white woman, Stacy Peterson, who's husband was taking in for questioning and his cars being towed away.

But they did find time to have an opening segment on President Bush and how he had been to talk to a very friendly audience (per Fox) the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

President Bush chastised the Democrats saying there was a war on terror. He talked about how important it was to get the Attorney General confirmed and he needed funds for Iraq. Fox said he also took a crack at Moveon.org and Code Pink and he said whoever thinks we are not in a war on terror is naive and disingenuous.

Smith said tthat Bush said that the war on terror was getting personal, comparing it to Hitler, saying it was dangerous for our country pretending it (the war on terror( doesn't exist.

Later on in the show they had a short segment with Patricia Powell who accurately predicted two years ago that gas prices would be up to around $100 a barrel in 2 to 3 years. They are now around $91 a barrel. Patricia Powell is a straight talker who is now predicting prices of $4 to $5 dollars in the next few years.

Comments: Almost a whole show devoted entirely to a missing white woman, one of Fox's favorite subjects. They had Greta Van Susteren and Mark Fuhrman on the scene. They probably would have spent the entire hour on it but wanted to open with the speech by Bush to the Heritage Foundation.

My question is -- why does Bush have to continually go to friendly audiences to talk tough? How much clout does he think he has left? Favorable coverage at a friendly audience is how Fox likes to portray him.

Why didn't Smith ask Powell what he's going to do about these ridiculous gas prices?

Where are the tough questions on Fox and when are they going to start using them on Republicans and hold this president accountable for something.

Bush also went after Moveon.org and Code Pink to his friendly audience. What a big man to take on an internet group and a group of protesters.