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Shepard Smith Says Democratic Elected Chavez Is Taking Freedoms Away From People And Creating a Dictatorship And Enslaving People

Reported by Donna - October 31, 2007 -

Studio B with Shepard Smith started the segment by talking with Jill Dobson about Naomi Campbell meeting privately with Hugo Chavez. This went into a whole spiel on other stars, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover and Sean Penn meeting with him.

The banner read 'Chavez Claims He Wants To Make A Venezuelan Hollywood.'

Then Smith went into how he was a dictator and was taking all the freedoms away from the people and enslaving them. Chavez is a democratically elected official, same as Bush. Chavez's election was overseen by many third parties.

Dobson then read a quote by Harry Belafonte to Hugo Chavez that was put on the screen:

"No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world -- the greatest terrorist in the world -- George W. Bush says...We're here to telll you: Not hundreds, ot thousands...but millions of the American people support you."

Dobson said that Sean Penn said he found Chavez to be a fascinating man who has done incredible things for 80% of the poor in Venezuela. Dobson said we had celebrities talking politics with Chavez a man who certainly hates our administration if not our whole country. (Comment: Chavez has not said he hates our whole nation, he's strictly gone after the Bush administration whom he claims has tried to overthrow him and he thinks may be trying to kill him)

Smith said he's taking the oil revenues and spreading them around a litlle but what he's doing is taking the whole country for himself. (Comment: I waited for the backup to this but it wasn't forthcoming) And Smith said sarcastically that "Sean Penn was over there making out with him."

Smith said he's a pretty good operator, giving away oil to Harlem and everything but they're going to be sorry, everyone except Sean Penn. They both said that Naomi Campbell was not getting political while she was there.

Comments: Smith said "our nation and administration aside." Well, you can't say this. Bush himself has grandeurs of being a dictator, he even said it would be good if he was the dictator. He gives tax cuts to the very rich, to the wealthy corporations, gives incentives for companies to move their companies oversees, spied on Americans, been accused of rendition and torture and has started a preemptive war of choice with Iraq. Bush is creating a society of the very rich and the very poor and trying to destroy the middle class in this country.

I would have liked to seen a ffair and balanced interview comparing Chavez's deeds to Bush's. But that wouldn't be coming from Fox, who consistently sides with the Bush administration and rarely criticize him.