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Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes & Fox Try to Sneak One By the Viewers

Reported by Melanie - October 31, 2007 -

Steve Forbes is a regular guest on Fox's weekday "business news" program, Your World w/Neil Cavuto and on Fox's Saturday morning program, Forbes on Fox. Forbes is also a national co-chair and senior policy advisor to Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign. However, Fox doesn't do much to let its viewers know that when Forbes speaks, he has one big agenda -- electing Giuliani.

Forbes participated today (October 31, 2007) in a roundtable discussion about the .25% interest rate cut handed down this afternoon by the Federal Reserve. The topic of discussion, per the chyron that sat at the bottom of the screen, was, "Today's Rate Cut by the Fed: A Gift for the GOP?" Seems to me that the fact that Forbes works for Rudy Giuliani just might be relevant here, huh? I mean, what's he going to say, no? No, and he didn't say no.

Still, it wasn't until well into the segment, during the second round of questions and after Forbes had already answered one, that Fox flashed a chyron on screen for roughly -- count it yourself -- two seconds, identifying Forbes as a senior policy advisor. If you sneezed, rubbed your eyes or looked away, you missed it.

Are Giuliani, Forbes, and Fox trying to sneak one by the viewers? Why not identify Forbes as a co-chair and senior policy advisor to Giuliani at the beginning of the segment, during the introductions? Why not leave the chyron up for 10 or 15 seconds? If you ask me, this is a case of Fox slithering under the wire just enough so it can say that yes, technically it did identify Forbes' connection but, come on. When Fox wants you to know something, they make sure you know it.

Here's video.