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Now They Are Waging War On - You Guessed It - Halloween! Doocy Claims Coven Of Witches Upset

Reported by Donna - October 31, 2007 -

Attention: War On Halloween Has Been Declared By Fox & Friends Guess they couldn't wait for the war on Christmas so Fox has decided to declare war on Halloween.

And their special guest? None other than right wing radio host,Mancow.

Camerota said that several schools were banning costumes and jack o lanterns saying it promotes evil and poor food choices.

Mancow said that there were about 8 schools around his area in Chicago who have really had a war on. He said one Muslim parents had complained, he repeated one. He said they want to get rid of it and call it orange and black day or character day. He added that they were going to call Christmas Winterfest. He added that these 8 closest schools near to his house where a Muslim could pray for Ramadan but Christian and Jewish kids can't pray.

The banner was huge and read, 'WAR ON HALLOWEEN' No More Treats'

Mancow went on to said he didn't understand why we just can't say 'no.'

Doocy went off on a rant that one school banned Halloween because there was a coven of witches nearby and they didn't want to offend this family even though they had no children at that school.

Mancow said no, you wouldn't want to offend the Wiccans. Mancow was vehement and said they were going to have Halloween and the kids were going to get dressed up and (sarcastically) that no, we wouldn't want to offend any witches or satanists. Camerota said it made no sense, that this was the witches and wiccans holiday.

By the way Mancow's two year twins were going to dress up as Mickey Mouse. Later on Kilmeade said his child was going as Dick Cheney.

Comments: More made up news (noise) from the Fox and Friends crew. There is no war on Halloween, just as there is no war on Christmas. By the way, I think Kilmeade was sincere when he said his child was goind out dressed as Dick Cheney.

Happy Halloween, everyone!