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Fox & Friends Finally Speak About Democratic Debate - Only Because They Thought It Bashed Hillary

Reported by Donna - October 31, 2007 -

For the most part, Fox and Friends have been ignoring the Democratic Debates (since none have been on Fox) but decided to speak up today because they thought that Hilary's candor, judgement and consistency was sharply challenged by Barack Obama and John Edwards. (Or so their ticker said)

Doocy said he thinks Barack Obama said he felt like Rocky in a Rocky movie but Doocy also said that Hillary Clinton was the one who got punched the most. Camerota said it was the nastiest debate yet. (Comment: Maybe that's why Fox chose to talk about it)

They even used the questionable Frank Luntz on to show how his graph went down when Hillary spoke and up when Obama spoke. This was on one thing they said in the debate and completely unscientific. He had a small (very small) panel on and a they had blurbs from a couple of them that said that Barack Obama did the best job. Luntz said clearly last night was a good night for Barack Obama.

Camerota said it was a "fist of fury beating mostly on Hillary."

Kilmeade said that it was a 'pile on' and Hillary took all the shots. Then he said that Hillary "plays the woman." (Comment: How sexist of Kilmeade)

Later they had on two pseudo Democratic Analysts, Susan Estrich and Bob Beckel. Estrich said she felt that Obama didn't need to go after Hillary but build up his experience on what he is going to do. Beckel said that Hillary took some shots but he didn't think she came out too badly.

Comments: After being virtually silent throughout these Democratic Debates, Fox chose now to speak out on one of them because they thought it was a case of Hillary bashing all night. So much for their ffair and balanced reporting and some of the remarks made were clearly unprofessional, which is to be expected from Fox. What policies and issues were discussed? You might have to turn the channel.