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Colmes Jilts Coulter Over Her "Jews" Comments

Reported by Ellen - October 31, 2007 -

Poor Ann Coulter. She's had a crush on Alan Colmes since forever. On last night's (10/30/07) Hannity & Colmes, she told him she loved him. But the married Colmes made it clear he wasn't interested in her affections. Instead, he spent two entire segments smacking her down for her offensive remarks that "we (Christians) want Jews to be perfected." With video.

“Boombox” Coulter seemed sober last night. In her first go-round with Sean Hannity, she was full of what she obviously considered witticisms about Democrats, likening them to Yasser Arafat, calling them traitors and saying any number of other things that she’d be up in arms about if any Democrat said something similar about Republicans.

The night before, Colmes confronted Dick Morris over his abysmal record of political predictions. So Colmes was on a bit of a roll. He started off strong against Coulter. “I hate to break up this hate fest against people on the left, Ann.”

“I love you, Alan,” Coulter said coquettishly.

Colmes said, sarcastically, “Thanks so much.” Unamused, he quoted a conservative rabbi who pointed out that Judaism was the faith practiced by Jesus during his life. Colmes concluded by asking, “How about embracing one of the great Christian virtues, as Jesus discussed – humility – and apologize to all those people you offended with that comment?”

Coulter cackled and claimed that that’s what she had said. In fact, that’s not what she said, as this transcript and video via Media Matters proves.

Coulter went on to assert, “I have a thousand orthodox rabbis supporting me.” She claimed that people who were offended “represent Jews the way the National Organization for Women represents women.”

In Part 2, Colmes questioned her assertion that so many rabbis were supporting her. “I don’t know who they are but I can tell you, you know the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Congress and many others have condemned you for that. Do you care?”

No, she didn’t. The attention-hungry Coulter said she wears the ADL’s condemnation as “a badge of honor.” She repeated her NOW “joke.” Then voter-fraud suspect and holier-than-thou Coulter blamed the “irreligious” for “trying to stir up trouble with the religious. Yes, Godless liberals are upset that other people believe in God.”

Colmes asked disgustedly, “All of those people (who were offended) were irreligious. They lack religion, right, Ann?” He later told her, “You use the classic language of anti-Semitism.”

The middle-aged Coulter tossed her hair around and giggled girlishly. “What, like ‘good evening?’ … How about eating soup? Is that a classic food of anti-Semites?”

Colmes, barely hid his irritation, “Yeah, that’s lovely, Ann.” He added, “I’m going to move on in spite of yourself and maybe save you from saying something else that’s ridiculous.”

But before he could change the subject, Coulter, perhaps sensing that her arguments were not charming him, flew off the handle in a self-righteous hissy fit. “Are you saying that to be a Christian is anti-Semtic? …If we’re gonna play who’s offended here, I think I’m offended by that, Alan.”

“Good,” he said. “I’m glad you know what it feels like to be offended.”

When Hannity took his second turn, Mr. “Let’s bomb Iran because they might be a threat to Israel” Hannity didn’t seem to care a bit whether or not Coulter’s comments were offensive to Jews and spent the rest of the time discussing the upcoming election.

If you'd like to congratulate Colmes, you can reach him at colmes@foxnews.com. You can also contact Hannity at hannity@foxnews.com.