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Bill O'Reilly Invites Dennis Kucinich To Bash Hillary Clinton

Reported by Deborah - October 31, 2007 -

It's not surprising that Bill O'Reilly devoted his Talking Points segment tonight to Hillary Clinton's performance at last night's Democratic debate on MSNBC. Dennis Kucinich was there for the follow up segment and O'Reilly did his best to get him to join the fun. Kucinich was a gentleman treading very carefully especially since he remains the only Democratic candidate who will still appear on FOX News. Unfortunately, O'Reilly two faced him again allowing Dennis Miller to make fun of Kucinich later in the show without objecting.10/31/07

When O'Reilly asked Kucinich for his take on the Hillary moment from last night's debate in Philly he did some side stepping to offer a defense. Noting that the debate venue is " artificial", he opined that it's not difficult to get turned around. He acknowledged that he doesn't agree with her on most of the issues but a debate performance is not the best way to judge a candidate.

O'Reilly pressed on claiming Clinton's response to the question about undocumented people getting drivers licenses jumped out. After Kucinich offered a moderate answer about immigration, Bill declared, " I like you."

Then O'Reilly got into his recent campaign tactic asking Kucinich about the recent attacks by the far left mentioning the incidents with Rice and Bill Maher. His responses were very diplomatic and reasonable citing a quote with the phrase " the center won't hold" he explained that everyone on both sides of center are very emotional now causing people to lose control.
He added that Washington is not responsive driving people to desperate acts.

O'Reilly thanked his guest graciously although he couldn't resist a good natured jab about UFOs. However , this rare moment of civility was erased when Dennis Miller came on later in the show and made a very nasty joke about Kucinich and UFOs which doesn't need repeating.

Since the show is taped, the joke could have been erased but Bill O'Reilly chose to leave it intact just so he could perpetuate the perception that Kucinich is a left wing loon. Sadly, this isn't the first time this happened with O'Reilly and it's too bad Kucinich let it happen again.