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Colmes Challenges Dick Morris’ Dismal Record On Hillary Clinton Predictions

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2007 -

Alan Colmes ruffled Dick Morris’ feathers last night (10/29/07) on Hannity & Colmes by confronting him on his abysmal record of predictions about Hillary Clinton. Morris became deeply offended, acted as though such a thing was impossible and insisted Colmes was wrong. But the evidence suggests otherwise. Not only that, Morris has been wildly wrong in many of his other predictions as well. With video.

Once again, Morris was introduced on the show as “former Clinton advisor,” leading viewers to conclude he has some special expertise, insight and/or sympathy for the Clintons. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Colmes has challenged Morris’ assertions in the past. This time, Colmes said he went through some old transcripts of what Morris has previously said about Hillary Clinton. “You’ve been consistently wrong about Hillary Clinton in terms of predicting how well she’s gonna do in elections.” Actually, Morris has been consistently wrong about other predictions as well. He predicted that the Katrina recovery would be "a huge positive" for Bush, e.g..

Morris was obviously taken aback. “I didn’t come on the show to be attacked.” Why not? It’s par for the course with almost any guest Hannity disagrees with. Morris also claimed he had never said Clinton would lose her senate race to Rick Lazio.

“Yes, you did,” Colmes said. The facts back him up. Not only did Morris say Clinton was in deep trouble in her 1999 race with Lazio, Morris also wrongly predicted she was in deep trouble in her 2005 senate campaign despite the polls giving her a 22-point lead.

Morris was visibily offended. “Mr. Colmes, have you ever run a successful presidential campaign? Have you ever gotten U.S. Senators and governors elected? I’ve gotten 30 elected.”

“Dick, you don’t have to give me your credentials,” Colmes said, “but you have been consistently negative about Hillary time and time again.”

Morris continued, “And, if you think that my political predictions are so bad, why do you have me on your show?”

In a joking tone, Colmes said, “He likes you” (meaning Hannity). I suspect there was much truth in that jest.

In Part two of the discussion, Colmes returned to the issue. “I just want to point out that Sean was trying to do couples counseling with you and me during the break. I really, honestly think it’s fair to point out the things you’ve said in the past about Hillary Clinton. I’m not looking to hurt your feelings except to point out that there’s a history here, right?”

“Let’s talk about the things the viewers are interested in,” Morris replied.

After fending off an interruption from Sean Hannity, Colmes said, “I think they’re still interested in knowing about, you know, why you say the things you say.”

Morris said, “I know Hillary Clinton better than any human being who is able to speak freely without being on her side or being employed by a campaign that’s against her.” No, he’s just employed by a network that’s against her.

When Colmes’ turn was up, Hannity changed the subject to “the cost of what all the Democrats are proposing here.”

Morris did a run-through on how high taxes will go up (according to him) if any of the top tier Democrats are elected. But, he added, “taxes aren’t the worst thing. The worst thing is health care. Because if she covers everybody, legal and illegal, the demand is gonna go up. They’re going to have to ration health care. Which means that the elderly won’t be able to get heart bypass and things like that.”

Another improbable prediction.