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Where’s The Outrage?

Reported by Ellen - October 29, 2007 -

Just one day after Sean Hannity’s hissy fit accusing Democrats of politicizing the California wildfires because Barbara Boxer said that some crucial equipment is in Iraq and Harry Reid said that one of the causes of the fires is global warming, three California Republican Congressmen (Issa, Hunter and Bilbray) blasted a California policy that they claimed sidelined helicopters away from the firefights. Yet there was no outrage, not even mild criticism, from either Hannity or FOX News. In fact, while FOX News put up an article on FOXNews.com rebutting the three Congressmen’s charges, the snide innuendo shown the Democrats was incongruously absent with the Republicans.

FOXNews.com posted the video of the Hannity & Colmes discussion about the Democratic senators’ remarks with the title “Exploiting Tragedy? Some political figures under fire for comments they’ve made about wildfires.” But the FOXNews.com article about the Republican criticisms is titled, California Fire Aviation Chief Says Military Choppers Weren't Ready to Join Firefight. There isn’t anything resembling rebuke toward the Congressmen.