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FOX Abortion Special very neutral - ask yourself Why now?

Reported by Chrish - October 29, 2007 -

Why would FOX News, who caters to the religious right and the misnomered "values voters", present "Facing Reality: Choice," a neutral look at three personal stories of choice? It is well-established that FOX is neither fair nor balanced, so one has to wonder at the ulterior motives of presenting something so uncharacteristically non-hysterical. Hmm, could it be because Roger Ailes pal Rudy Giuliani, who wants to be President, is pro-choice?

Two of the women decide to continue their pregnancies and the third has an abortion; a camera is in the procedure room as it happens.

Kayla, single, is 21 and doesn't want the ostracization from her Baptist Church community that she is sure will happen if she has an out-of-wedlock child. It's revealed, to her mother and the world, during the abortion that this is her second one in a year. She is emphatic at the end of the program that she will be extremely cautious and careful to prevent another pregnancy.

Jeanne, divorced, has a history of drug use. She has lost one child to SIDS and has placed four others for adoption. She miscarries number six during the course of the production of the program and is pregnant with number seven, by yet another man (another drug dealer), by program's end. The fetus is promised to adoptive parents who have already adopted one of Jeanne's progeny, but she is having second thoughts and is considering keeping this one.

Brooke and her husband have tried for years to have a second child, and were ecstatic at her pregnancy. Later in the pregnancy they discover the fetus has an extra chromosome that means she will have severe mental retardation and will only live a very, very short time (minutes, hours, days) after birth. They decide to proceed, to see her and hold her, and she died 20 minutes before delivery.

All interviewed are at peace with their decisions.

It was a neutral presentation, with minimal introduction of segments by E.D. Hill, chosen presumably because of her own maternal status - she has five "natural" children by two previous husbands and three "step" children with her current husband.

No judgments were made on the women's decisions or choices leading up to them, a true case of we report, you decide. But why now?

Rudy Giuliani appears to be the annointed candidate on FOX News, probably because FOX News head "Roger Ailes and Rudolph W. Giuliani have been pulling for each other for nearly two decades." He gets excessive coverage and blind eyes turned to his troubles. There has been no commensurate brouhaha over his failure to pay the difference in ad rates as there was over MoveOn.org's alleged "sweetheart deal" with the NYTimes, and no coverage of the complaint filed with the FEC about the possibly illegal campaign contribution.

There have not been repeated photos of him in drag, as compared to the repeated displays of Barack Obama in a swimsuit.

The coverage of his business partnership with Bernard Kerik, who is expected to be indicted next month for bribery, obstruction of justice, and tax fraud, has been minimal at best.

Giuliani's campaign's foreign policy advisor team, alternately described as AIPAC's Dream Team and "the ones who were too insane, or too extreme, to get on Bush's team," go unmentioned as the FOX team goes apoplectic over Hillary Clinton's informal consultations with Sandy Berger.

Giuliani's hawkish alignment with neo-conservative adviser Norman Podheretz is taken as a sure sign that he will further escalate the neo-con plans for the Middle East and grab more executive power than Bush has already.

And although Giuliani worries that Hillary Clinton has "never run a city, she's never run a state," it is not mentioned that his decisions as Mayor of New York City may have cost heroic firefighters their lives on 9/11 9/11 9/11.

There's more we don't know about Rudy Giuliani and won't hear about from FOX News. We'll hear about his success 25 years ago in cleaning up crime in New York City and how he was so tough that Mafia bosses almost agreed to "rub him out." In fact, the abortion special on FOX was bracketed on Friday and Sunday with various segments (that I happened to catch randomly) about organized crime's desire to get rid of this pain-in-the-butt super-crimefighter.

If you start with "why?" and end with "to elect Republicans" it's pretty plain to see FOX attempting to soften the rigid hard-line opposition to abortion, or more specifically a woman's right to choose abortion, to bring some of the squishy Republican voters into Rudy's camp.