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Even When It's Silly, Fox Finds A Way To Bash Hillary

Reported by Donna - October 29, 2007 -

Even when the host, Shepard Smith agrees that it's a silly AP poll of 1000 people, Fox still puts it out there as news and bashes Senator Hillary Clinton.

Apparently AP did a poll of one thousand people who said that Hillary was the scariest costume out there. Smith said the winner was Hillary Clinton for being the scariest Halloween costume. Smith said she was the scariest candidate for President, at least as how Halloween costumes go.

Smith said Hillary won with 37% and Rudy Giuliani came in second at 14%.

Smith did say this was the most pointless pool of the election season since it was only 1000 people but this didn't stop Fox from putting the story out there.

Comments: Fox won't pass up a chance to bash Senator Hillary Clinton. Who were these people polled? I'd much rather look like Hillary than Rudy Giuliani. Ha-ha, all fun and games on Fox but the message resonates with their audience. Hillary = scary candidate. Maybe they should have put Bush in the poll - now that would have been a winner.