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Bill O'Reilly on FOX and Friends promoting his book, says "This is awful."

Reported by Chrish - October 29, 2007 -

The Friends were giddy about Papa Bear's visit to the curvy couch this morning 10/29/07 to pimp his book some more. Their usual joking and antics drew commentary from the big man waiting off camera: "This is awful." Alisyn Camerota, about to deliver the headlines (beginning with the SC tragedy, the house fire that killed 7 college students), grimaced "he's not amused."

After the headlines O'Reilly appeared on the aforementioned couch and discussed a few news items, including the story aboutt abuse at the schools that Oprah Winfrey has funded in SOuth Africa. Apparently Winfrey flew there to personally apologize for the behavior and to have a first-hand look at what was going on.

What interested me was O'Reilly's comments. He defended Winfrey, saying that she's in Chicago, she's hired people she thought she could trust, and she can't be held responsible for the actions of underlings far away. O'Reilly himeslf gives a lot of money to organizations for children and he can only hope they are spending it responsibly. (It's not like he has any great investigative skills and could ascertain that himself beforehand. /snark) He thinks, though, that she needs to bring Americans in to oversee (insinuating that South Africans are somehow inept or inferior and assuming that there are not already Americans there and this happened on their watch) and Kilmeade agrees, saying she should bring in some "Oprah lackeys - she's got a ton of them."

But then he brought up abuse in American schools, individual incidences of which he has regularly railed about. Today he said

"Look at how many schools here in America have abuse, and there's oversight there. It's almost impossible, if you have a person in authority, that person behind closed doors can do this stupid stuff no matter what you do."

I hope he keeps this in mind next time he wants a School Board president or superintendent to resign over the misdeeds of a teacher in his/her classroom, or for that matter when he calls on a newspaper publisher to apologize for the words of a columnist.

The segment on his new book introduced the meme that teens are victims of the so-called "culture war" and good Christian America-love-it-or-leave-it kids in schools all over the country are being called nerds and dweebs and they don't have to take it, and O'Reilly's new book, written out of concern because he "doesn't need the money," has the answers. Funny how the man of the "folks" had to quickly interject that the denim shirt he's wearing on the cover is "an expensive shirt!"

Note too that one FOX host is on another FOX show promoting a book published by News Corp's William Morrow publishing, announcing he will do a segment tonight on his program and the Friends will cover his segment as a news item tomorrow morning on their show. Can anyone say cross-promotion? It's practically incestuous, this giant News Corp echo chamber.

Here are some highlights of the big exciting visit: