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Robert Redford Added to Bill O'Reilly's Anti-American Watch List

Reported by Deborah - October 27, 2007 -

Those dreaded secular progressive, anti-American, loony leftists have been working overtime in O'Reilly's world this week. Even Harry Potter has gone over to Bill's dark side with O'Reilly complaining that J.K. Rowling is a "provocateur" promoting gay tolerance through her character Dumbledore. O'Reilly's list continues to grow and now Robert Redford has been added because his new film, Lions For Lambs, poses questions about this war and the Bush Administration. 10/26/07

O'Reilly's weekly column focused on Redford's film and last night he did one of his hysterical, over reactive segments about it with Ellis Hennican. His outrage level over an interview Redford did in Italy was clearly out of proportion but Hennican didn't let him get away with his dramatic propaganda ploy.

In his column BOR opens with nasty gloating that Reese Witherspoon, well respected American actress, must feel bad that Rendition is a "colossal bomb". Then he did his usual number on Hollywood.

"Once again, Hollywood is on a "let's make America look bad" binge. This is directly caused by loathing for the Bush administration, which the entertainment left see as a combination of the Third Reich and Emperor Nero."

O'Reilly plainly misses the point that Hollywood is distinctly American while the actions of the Bush administration no longer represent the consciousness of this country.

Variety's comment that Redford's film is " Back-bendingly liberal but also deeply patriotic" really ticked him off. Bill O'Reilly believes he's the only one allowed to define patriotism and liberal ideas must never be considered patriotic therefore Redford must be maligned. Here is the entire review from Variety.

BOR opened the segment with Ellis Hennican claiming that Redford wasn't there because he only talks to people who agree with him. Then he tried to lighten up asking Hennican to be Redford and making " sundance" jokes about Hennican's suede jacket.

Then he presented the manufactured outrage about Redfords comment that the media didn't challenge the leadership before the war adding that corporate ownership shaped media coverage.

O'Reilly had his little fit raving that the media couldn't have known eventually yelling that Redford said " We were in the tank" and " No questions you could ask." Hennican gave him no slack saying " First, your side was wrong! You should feel bad"

At this point, O'Reilly was looking bad so he turned on his self righteous voice of outrage attacking Redford for saying we lost sacred rights." He's lying to the whole world. He's a liar."

comment: Once again Bill O'Reilly proved that he is totally out of touch with American values. Robert Redford's constructive contributions to his country are recognized and respected by everyone yet O'Reilly has no problem calling him a liar and questioning his patriotism on international television. What constructive contributions has Bill O'Reilly made to compare with Redford's? Here's another article about Redford that should really tick him off. Maybe it's time for Bill O'Reilly to rethink his definition of patriotism and consider how well he'd make out if he were being judged by Americans.