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Fox Blames the San Diego Fire on an Immigrant from Guatemala

Reported by Melanie - October 26, 2007 -

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Catalino Pineda was arraigned Friday on one count of arson for starting a fire on a San Fernando Valley hillside. Neither he, a native of Guatemala who is here legally, or four other people who have been arrested for arson since wildfires broke out this week, "has been linked to any of the major blazes." If you watched Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (October 26, 2007), you would think Pineda started the huge San Diego fire, not one on a "hillside" in the San Fernando Valley, which is approximately 100 miles north of San Diego.

Cavuto opened the segment by saying that, "A native of Guatemala arrested on arson charges. Immigration and Customs Enforcement telling us that he is here ill, that he's here legally, but it's his prior record that my next guest has some issues with."

With that, Cavuto introduced Michelle Malkin and William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration. (When they feature two guests Fox, that's supposed to pass for "fair and balanced," even if they both have the same point of view.) Gheen said he was concerned about both Pineda and a man named Gorgano Naba (sp?) and that, "According to the Washington Times, the drug and human smuggling gangs have been intentionally setting forest fires in Arizona to distract border patrol" agents. Even though there is no tie "at this time," we "would like to look into that." He said that according to the Los Angeles Times, "when the border patrol had to abandon the crossing station just east of San Diego, as soon as they left, someone cut the chain gates with wire cutters and a large number of illegal aliens rushed into the country."

Cavuto asked about, "the possibility, no one has proven this by the way, it's been charged a great deal that it is possible these fires were set to distract authorities and get their eye off the border."

Malkin said she "definitely" thinks "it should be looked into...and you know, the fact is, these states of emergencies lay bare lawlessness that already exists." Not only that, but these fires affected "thousands" of migrants and agricultural workers who "live in the San Diego hills and canyons."

Throughout the segment, Fox showed video of ATF and ICE agents that I believe I saw in a clip yesterday. They were scouring the ground, gazing into a canyon. I am quite sure Fox used that video in a story about the investigation into the Santiago Canyon fire, east of Orange. Fox wanted to portray an immigrant, yes, a legal one but an immigrant nonetheless, as the cause of the San Diego fire, even though this particular person, again, was arrested a hundred miles away for starting a fire on a "hillside." Talk about propaganda. Fox takes one bit of news, spins it and adds video and insinuation and talks about something related and at the end, viewers think a guy from Guatemala started the San Diego fire. How do these guys sleep at night?