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FOX and Friends twofer - attacks Media Matters AND CNN

Reported by Chrish - October 26, 2007 -

Media Matters has reported on Glenn Beck's statements on his nationally syndicated radio program about "a handful of people who hate America...losing their homes in a forest fire," including his clarification and a blogged defense from his radio producer, Chris Balfe. The Friends at FOX today 10/26/07 bemoaned that Beck's television colleagues have not rushed to his defense. Shades of William Arkin.

(If you'll recall, William Arkin made comments displeasing Bill O'Reilly, which threw him into yet another hissy fit. The comments were made in a WashingtonPost.com blog article yet O'Reilly attacked NBC and GE for not calling Arkin out, and even went so far as to demand a list of NBC's paid analysts - which was of course refused.)

Steve Doocy first set up Media Matters, saying they "went after" Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh a couple of weeks ago (btw, a search of the site reveals documentation on the two dating back to the site's inception, with O'Reilly named "Misinformer of the Year 2004" and Limbaugh's first catch being in April 2004, when he echoed misinformation from notoriously right-wing Drudge Report.) Next he softened Beck's comments, saying that Beck had been saying the Democrats and the GOP should work together, but then "went on to say Democrats were busy because their houses out in California were burnin' down."

Even Doocy was uncomfortable with Beck's remarks. He said Beck clearly put his foot in his mouth and probably wished he could have a do-over (although he could see where he was going with it.) He characterized Media Matters documentation of the statements as "going after Glenn Beck" as the banner read "New Target - Media Matters attacks Glenn Beck," and said it was "curious" that his "pals" at CNN and CNN management were not defending him.

Brian Kilmeade piped up (over another banner proclaiming "Stand by your man? CNN not backing Beck") that he saw "two other shows on other networks making fun about Glenn Beck's comments, saying how inappropriate they were, but there was no blowback, there was nobody people (sic) back you (sic)." He said if he was to make a mistake, and it hasn't happened yet, he knows for a fact the second floor at FOX would hire the best lawyer in the world to get him out of any kind of trouble. (I thought conservatives hated trial lawyers.)

The segment devolved, as usual, into stupid inanities about Raymond Burr's Ironsides and other fictional characters and finally went to a weather report.

But the points were made: Media Matters attacked; CNN failed to defend. No matter that CNN has nothing to do with Beck's radio show and his radio producer defended him, no matter that it was merely documentation of something repugnant and not an attack, FOX spins and spins, throws their indignant hissy fits, and groggy watchers eat it up fueling their outrage for the day.

You can't be mad at Bush if you're busy being mad at your neighbors.