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A little sexism with your morning coffee

Reported by Chrish - October 26, 2007 -

In a brief segment on the spacewalk occurring this morning 10/26/07, the FOX Friends "bantered" about the roles of men and women, even in space.

Gretchen Carlson noted that this mission is of particular interest because there are two women commanders at the exact same time, then Steve Doocy joked that you'll notice it's the menfolk outside, doing the manly work and liftin' stuff. Carlson played along, agreeing that women need men to do that.

Comment: Grr. These women are scientists, astronauts, doing the most dangerous job on or off Earth, and these fools joke about stereotypical roles that relegate women to needy, helpless litlle beings. Don't tell me it's a joke, don't tell me to lighten up. It's an insult and unprofessional and Carlson in particular, a working woman, should not be party to demeaning other women.

Of course any little dig at women as inferior or less competent just happens to undermine Hillary Clinton as a viable commander-in-chief.