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Shepard Smith Says President Bush "Showing Some Love" & Bush Puts Down New Orleans By Saying "It Makes A Significant Difference When You Have Someone In The State House To Take The Lead"

Reported by Donna - October 25, 2007 -

Wasn't expecting the chest stuck out bravado of Shepard Smith and company on Studio B for President Bush today, but we got it.

It also sounded like Bush was criticzing New Orleans with a statement he made.

While showing video of President Bush and the Governor, Smith said it was a 'meet and greet' and to show his support. He said Bush was "Going on tv and showing some love." Smith said the president was making funds available for 7 counties. Smith added that Bush and the Governor were having a good week politcally (Comment: See, Fox made the tragedy politcal), they were having a fine week.

President Bush came on and said that the nation was moved by the tragedy. He said that people across the nation were praying for them. Then he said that, 'It made a significant difference when you have someone in the State House to take the lead." (Comment: Was this a deliberate criticism of New Orleans?) He ended by saying God Bless those who suffered and may God continue to bless them.

Smith then said that this was a victory lap for them this week, they had everything they needed and everything in order.

Smith said that the president, the governor and Diane Feinstein were there (although we didn't hear from Diane Feinstein)

Adam Housley said that FEMA was very helpful and the firefighters were on whole, pleased. He said he couldn't understand the Fire Chief south of them complaining. (Comment: Maybe he should have done that story) He said they had good evacuation plans and everything was positive. Smith said, "That's great news."

Housley went on to interview 2 evacuees who were returning to their neighborhoods. He picked 2 whose homes were unaffected by the fires. (Comment: Again, another fair and balanced report from Fox)

Later Smith said that the president was "glad handing" and spreading some of that DC love around.

Comments: So, it was a love fest on Studio B. Everything was positive. The president was criticizing New Orleans instead of taking his proper blame for the Federal failures in New Orleans. He managed to do it in a sneaky way.