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Fox's "Premiere Business News" Show is Silent on Oil Rising Above $90.00/Barrel

Reported by Melanie - October 25, 2007 -

If Fox's Neil Cavuto wants you to know something, he'll make damn sure you do. He will talk about it repeatedly. He will air a Fox News Alert, or fourteen. Chyrons will flash at the bottom of the screen and guests will yammer on about it.

I'm not saying that today's (October 25, 2007) news that oil closed over $90.00 a barrel deserves fourteen Fox News Alerts and people jumping up and down on the set, but you would think -- at least I would -- that that news would be given a fairly significant airing on a "premiere business news" show.

However, unless it was tucked into the crawl, it flashed over in a corner somewhere, or Cavuto "reported" it while I was sneezing, he didn't cover it. As he has been all week, he was all about the California wildfires today, diverging only long enough to talk about how the "food police" in New York City are trying to require restaurants to make the nutritional value (or not) of their food available to the public. (Cavuto's against that of course, because it's just more "big government." "Big government" is good when it protects rich people from high taxes or when it spends $720 million a day in Iraq, but in this case, nope, we can't have it.)

I suppose the 25%-ers will find out about this sooner or later, one way or another, but Fox has obviously decided to, ah, minimize it since oil was supposed to fall to something like $25.00 a barrel after we "brought democracy to Iraq." Talking about it now being above $90.00 might tip that crowd to the fact that things aren't quite going according to plan. After all, when your poll numbers are at 25%, your propagandists are more important than ever.