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"Condi" and Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson Announce Unilateral Economic Sanctions on Iran

Reported by Marie Therese - October 25, 2007 -

Why is it whenever the men in the administration refer to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, they use her nickname, often without her last name, and rarely, if ever, add her title? As a woman I find this extremely demeaning - not that I care much for Ms. Rice. She's part and parcel of this whole lying, corrupt administration. But, as a matter of protocol, shouldn't the men in government - in a public forum and during a speech - use her full name and title? By constantly referring to her simply as "Condi," they indicate to the world that she is, in essence, inconsequential and holds no real power. That aside, this morning the Bush administration moved one step closer to bombing Iran, just as predicted by Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer, every FOX News military analyst, all the AIPAC flunkies and think tank analysts that FOX News schedules regularly, the progressives, Gen. Wesley Clark, etc. The only people who don't seem to know about this impending attack are the Democrats in Congress. With video.

The House and Senate Democrats haven't done anything about this kind of saber rattling.

It's time for Congress to turn off the money spigot - fast!!

Even though FOX News calls Iran fascist and compares it to Nazi Germany, if one looks at the situation objectively, it is the United States that has invaded and occupied sovereign nations in the north African region.

And, now, it seems Bush and Cheney plan to go into another sovereign nation just because they feel a categorical imperative to adhere to some outmoded, discredited concept of American hegemony through world-wide domination.

BushCo is hauling out dubious Iranian expatriates, who say what the administration wants them to say, people who stand to benefit monetarily if Iran falls. They show the world aerial shots of buildings and say they are "nuclear" weapons plants, use circular sourcing to "corroborate" their own press releases and make unsubstantiated claims as though they were factually correct.

This morning, "Condi" and Hank Paulson rattled their little tin swords at China, which owns 15% of our debt, and Russia, which owns a lot of crude oil, missiles and nukes.

Is "Condi" going to stamp her tiny Ferragamos and expect that anyone is going to pay attention?

Are we going to stop buying Chinese goods, in order to force that country into abandoning its plans to sell fighter jets to Iran?

George Bush said last week that, if we are all afraid of WWIII, we had better hope Iran does what he wants.

This morning "Condi" basically told Iran that there will be no negotiations until Iran stops its entire nuclear program. That's a non-starter.

"Condi" knows full well that she's offering ultimatums, not olive branches.

PNAC mastermind Bill Kristol believes that we will bomb Iran by spring.

It's time for our elected representatives to stop jaw-jawing and start fighting back.

Otherwise, George Bush is right. This will be World War III.