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Bob Beckel assists Kilmeade in quickie laugh at Democrats

Reported by Chrish - October 25, 2007 -

Brian Kilmeade did a short segment with Bob Beckel this morning 10/25/07 and they discussed Stephen Colbert's presidential campaign. (The FEC is investigating and it appears the stunt may have to be called off, as Colbert, Doritos, and Comedy Central could be in violation of campaign finance laws.) But the gist of the segment was how lame some of the Democratic candidates are.

Kilmeade and Beckel discussed Colbert's polling numbers in the Democratic field, with a graphic showing that the comedian outpolls several Democratic candidates. Beckel opined that it was a little embarrassing for those candidates who fell behind Colbert, and Kilmeade agreed . But when Beckel asked how he fared against Republican candidates, Kilmeade laughed and said they didn't have time.

A search of Public Opinion Strategies, cited as the source of the poll numbers, revealed nothing about Colbert.

Just another drive-by sneer at the Democrats, from "fair and balanced" FOX News - "best political reporting - period." Ha!