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Bill O'Reilly's Anti-American Finger Pointing Hurts Everyone

Reported by Deborah - October 25, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly has taken his media attacks to a destructive level in the last two days. This time he's calling the media, particularly CNN and MSNBC, anti-American claiming they ignored the the heroism of Lt Michael Murphy who was awarded the Medal of Honor. When Dennis Miller joined him last night,10/24, O'Reilly placed himself and FOX on a patriotic pedestal and Miller jumped right in with his stream of venomous support. However , it turns out that O'Reilly lied about CNN and MSNBC ignoring Lt Michael Murphy.

Media Matters reports that CNN and MSNBC did not ignore Lt Murphy, MSNBC reported the story five separate times and carried the ceremony live and CNN covered it on seven occasions.

O'Reilly made sure to note that CNN and MSNBC didn't cover the story in "primetime" which was true but failed to mention all the coverage so his viewers would believe they blacked out the
story. This is how he framed it.

"Last night our lead story was the Medal of Honor awarded to Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan trying to save his unit. Lt. Murphy's bravery is truly an incredible saga, so why did CNN and MSNBC fail to report the story in prime time last night? CBS News gave Lt. Murphy more than three minutes, ABC more than two minutes. But apparently Lt. Murphy was not ready for prime time on our cable competition. The hard truth is that MSNBC and CNN are not going to report stories that reflect well on the American military because they despise the Bush administration and believe anything positive detracts from their negative assessment."

After a self serving rant about his great ratings and all around superiority he attacked viciously.

"I don't want to hear CNN or MSNBC say they 'support the troops.' CNN and NBC News can't get enough of negative war zone stories, but on their prime time broadcasts last night, CNN and MSNBC said 'no' to Lt. Michael Murphy and his proud family. There is no excuse."

Last night, 10/24/07, he continued harping to Dennis Miller. He claimed that FOX is accused of " shilling for the Republican Party" but we believe this is " a noble country" and we give it the " benefit of the doubt". Miller got carried away claiming that's why the troops only watch FOX. (In fact the troops have no choice since FOX is the only network shown.) Then Miller made some silly comment about " Fox holes". Was he actually suggesting this term was connected to the network?

comment: I am repulsed by the idea that Bill O'Reilly continues these nightly claims about everyone ignoring and disrespecting the troops while knowing that they're all watching the show. If he really gave a damn about them, he would want them to feel supported and appreciated. He would keep his divisive, angry, anti-American crapola to himself if he really cared. Bill O'Reilly's success depends on a divided country and he's going to do whatever it takes to keep it that way even if he demoralizes our troops in the process.