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The Fascists at Fox Want Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer to Shut Up

Reported by Melanie - October 24, 2007 -

Brian Bilbray, the Republican who was elected to the House last year to replace Randy "Duke" Cunningham, blew a fuse today (October 24, 2007) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto in response to recent comments made by Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid. He was on to respond to the comment Reid made yesterday that “One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming,” and Boxer's remark that the California National Guard is operating with half the equipment it needs because of the war in Iraq.

Those two statements apparently enraged the right so much that Cavuto has talked about them for two days -- in a fascist state, anyone who speaks out against the government's line must be silenced.

While Bilbray appeared on the show by phone, I could only imagine the veins in his neck bulging and his eyes popping when he ended by saying that Boxer and Reid are part of the,

blame America crowd...they're always going to be badmouthing the government or the country, one way or another, or going to socialized medicine and swinging to the left. The only thing they'll be happy with is a huge swing away from our traditional political structure, towards, ah, you know, left wing utopia.

Those people are always going to take the shot. I've never seen them when they haven't, so we've just got to accept that that radical element of the left is always going to be there. Um, but we've never taken them as serious as they seem to be getting now because they have a, you know, they have an ear in the political structure right now and they'll, you know, [inaudible] their game as long as they can until the American people put them back in their place.

Comment: I heard California's Lt. Governor interviewed twice today on two different radio programs and he essentially confirmed what Boxer said. As for Reid's comment, he's correct. Mind you he didn't say the reason for the wildfires is global warming, he said "one reason," and chances are good that global warming is one of the causes. (Then again, being the good Bushies that they are, Fox surmised today that Al Qaeda is responsible.) There are several articles out about that on the web right now. But nevermind who's right or who's wrong, what we can't have, apparently, is a discussion. Anyone who says anything against what the Bush administration says must be silenced and that's precisely what Fox is helping to facilitate.