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Happy Fire Stories On Studio B

Reported by Donna - October 24, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith there were happy stories about the evacuees in the wildfires in San Diego.

They spoke with families who said everything was great, entertainmet, clowns for the kids, plenty of food at Qaulcomm staduim and things to do.

Is Fox trying to compare the tragedy of Katrina with the wildfires in California?

They had a dog riding a Harley. People are up, up, up.

They finally had a guest from FBN, Cornell McShane, who said this tragedy in no way was like Katrina as far as the economy is concerned. He said that the crops would come back as would the tourism. (Comment: Finally someone who said the California wildfires were not as bad a tragedy as Katrina economically but it wasn't as bad as the loss of life either, which wasn't mentioned). McShane and Smith did talk about the wealth in the area but didn't expand upon it. Does being a wealthy community help when a tragedy occurs?

(Comments) I think Fox is trying to say that this tragedy is being handled better, but I think the truth is that this tragedy wasn't anywhere as bad as Katrina was. Plus the FEMA director has 35 years of disaster relief experience, unlike the 'doing a great job, Brownie.'

We report, you decide?