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FOX and Friends: arson somehow worse if linked to Al Qaeda

Reported by Chrish - October 24, 2007 -

In yet another instance of incestuous "you lie and I'll swear to it" sourcing FOX and Friends this morning 10/24/07 reported an item from FOX News correspondent Adam Housely's blog. Allegedly he was receiving questions from readers about the source of the fires.

According to Steve Doocy, they learned that "police officers in a hovering helicopter saw a guy starting one of these fires." An "ominous" FBI memo from early this past summer has "popped up," and "an Al Qaeda detaineee" has said that the next wave of terrorism could be a series of wildfires. Of course, he could be lying and California was not mentioned on the list of possible target states, but there is a possibility that it's terrorism and we can't let a day go by without reminding you how scared you should be.

Comments: all arson is terroristic in nature, with no regard to the arsonist's affiliations. And as a taxpayer I want to know, if they knew this was a possibility "for years" as Alisyn Camerota said, and the local law saw the arsonist, why were they not equipped to capture him immediately? Lord knows we've spent enough on the so-called war on terror.