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Bill O'Reilly Sticks With His Basics: Gay Indoctrination, Christian Persecution and Porn

Reported by Deborah - October 24, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly, self proclaimed traditionalist, believes in sticking with the tried and true issues that his loyal fans expect again and again on The O'Reilly Factor. Last night, 10/23/07, his faithful viewers got their serving of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Opening with a rousing harangue against CNN and MSNBC for not supporting our troops, he moved on to perceived gay indoctrination from J.K. Rowling, angry Christians fighting comedian Kathy Griffin and a discussion about porn sites with way too many pictures.

JK Rowling's revelation that one of the beloved characters in Harry Potter, Dumbledoor, is gay was actually treated as an issue that should concern parents.Tina Jordan, Entertainment Weekly, seemed a little weirded out by Bill's reaction. Although he acted like it was amusing, he still made sure to push the right buttons.

Acting all suspicious about JK Rowling's motives for revealing Dumbledoors sexual orientation, he called her a "provocateur" which is a personality trait he should easily recognize. Jordan explained that Rowlings was doing a Q&A session and only revealed this fact when someone asked about Dumbledoor's romantic life. Actually Bill described Rowlings's comments as "dropping the gay bomb".

Jordan calmly explained that Rowling wanted the series to be a " prolonged plea for tolerance." When O'Reilly said that some parents object, Jordan remind BOR that the same parents objecting to a gay dumbledoor don't like Harry Potter books anyway adding that most parents " preach tolerance"

O'Reilly disagreed of course saying, " They don't want indoctrination. Do you want your child reading " Heather has two mommies?" He didn't let Jordan answer but I sense she'd have no objections.

BOR was forced to go back to early September, during the Emmy Awards, for his Christian persecutuion segment. Kathy Griffin made a joke in her acceptance speech that already made the FOX rounds when it happened but BOR used it again last night. Russ Hollingsworth, Miracle Theater director had this to say.

"It's unfortunate that she said something so grotesque about the Lord. But what's so sad for us was the response of the audience, the laughter. Christians need to turn to the culture and say 'enough is enough.' We're not confronting our culture enough, and the silent majority of Christians who love Jesus are sitting back."

O'Reilly blamed the media for a change with a hypocritical display of outrage after ignoring Ann Coulter's vile comments to Donny Duetch on MSNBC about Jews. Media Matters covered O'Reilly's shameful interview with Coulter as well as Bernie Goldberg's reaction to it.

No night is complete without a sprinkle of sex so Bill's legally blonde team, Lis Weihl and Megyn Kelly chatted about internet porn sites while very sleazy shots flashed on the screen.

Another wasted opportunity for Bill O'Reilly to make a difference.