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A Question of Law: Is Manhunt II Too Violent to Be Sold in the United States?

Reported by Marie Therese - October 24, 2007 -

Last Saturday Jonathan Hoenig, FOX's resident Ayn Rand Libertarian went head-to-head with Jack Thompson, a Florida lawyer, over a new video game, Manhunt II, which is so violent that it been banned in the United Kingdom. Thompson argued that the United States should go along with the Brits and ban the game here. Hoenig argued the opposing POV. This is a thorny issue and one that has many ramifications, both legal and emotional. What do you think? Is there a point at which something is so violent that it should be banned? I'm curious to know what you all think. A video of the Hoenig-Thompson discussion is below the fold. Please keep the discussion on topic and civil.