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Neil Cavuto Has a Barbara Bush Moment

Reported by Melanie - October 23, 2007 -

Remember, after Katrina, when Barbara Bush toured the Houston Astrodome and said, "[S]o many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them?" Well, Neil Cavuto similarly put his foot-in-mouth today (October 24, 2007), claiming that San Diego evacuees are living it up at Qualcomm Stadium.

Here is what Cavuto said to promote the segment:

Lavish meals. Piping hot coffee. Even massages. Almost all the comforts of home. This is how San Diego is treating its fire victims. After this.

After a break and a report by Jonathan Hunt about how devastated some areas are, and over a chyron that read, "Festive Atmosphere for Evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium," Cavuto opened with,

Unlike New Orleans, these folks, by comparison, have it pretty good. Gourmet meals [while video of people eating out of pizza boxes flashed on-screen], live entertainment, clowns for the kids, free massages, even reflexology lessons.

With that he introduced Nancy Caufield, an evacuee and the "honorary mayor" of Rancho Bernardo, California. He and Caufield proceeded to hobnob about how people at the stadium are "inundated" with water and food and about how the mayor (a Republican, by the way) is "very much in charge" and people "don't have this deprived, desperate feeling" like "they had in Katrina."

Comment: Not only is the mayor of San Diego a Republican but, of course, so is California's governor, so undoubtedly Fox is sending a not-so-subtle message here that they treat "their people" much better in times of crisis than African-American Democrats. But I doubt that the 60,000+ (by some estimates) who are waiting at Qualcomm to find out if they have a home to go back to, think of the situation as "festive." Gosh, Fox wouldn't play politics at a time like this, now would it?