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Fox & Friends Promises Fair & Balanced Report On Iran But Both Guests Say Same Thing - Go To War With Iran

Reported by Donna - October 23, 2007 -

Doocy began it on Fox and Friends by saying earlier in the program, "Is America gettting ready for it's next conflict in Iran or should we already be there taking care of business?" (Comments: Notice the question is no longer whether there should be a conflict or not, just are we getting ready or should we already be there) He said the VP was 'talking tough' on Iran. They then promised a fair and balanced report later on in the program over this issue.

The problem is - there was no fair and balanced report and the drum beat for war with Iran was louder than it's ever been. The banner on the bottom of the screen said Veep - No nukes for Iran.

They had on two retired military me, Lt. Col Bill Cowan (comment: known for his outrageous, gung ho, go to war comments) and Lt. Gen Bill McInerney.

Brian Kilmeade opened the segment by saying that the tension between the U.S. and Iran continued to mount and asked if the only way to stop them from becoming a nuclear power was by using military strikes?

Cowan said he thinks we are heading that way. He thought that there was a positive, forward leading, resistance. a political resistance in Iran and until we embrace that resistance military action was our only option.

Kilmeade asked McInerney, "General, why aren't we?"

McInerney said that was a good question. He said, "We, in fact, should." He said there were enough dots out there that we have more than enough rationale to do it. He talked about various times in the past that the President of Iran said soon there would be a world without the U.S. and the Zionists. Then he talked about a close religious potical friend of the president's issuing a Fatwah saying they could use nuclear weapons against their enemies. McInerney added that the president of Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

He said this man had killed 300 more American troops than Al Qaeda in the last 8 months. (Comment: Where did he get those statistics?)

Kilmeade said that they have 130 missiles and said they know where all of our bases are and some people say they are able to reach the United States. He asked Cowan what he saw.

Cowan said that if we strike out militarily we have to expect that they will strike back and even if they struck back and had good military missiles, we can shoot down a number of them. He said we're certainly going to take some casualties but he didn't think we had a lot of options. Coan said we're not trying to keep them from having nuclear power but from having nuclear weapons. He added that as the general said, we know what their intentions are if they have nuclear weapons. He said if we don't take some action the Israelis would have to because they are the first target.

Kilmeade wrapped it up by saying that if it's going to happen it's going to happen while this administration is still in power because both the President and the Vice President are talking tough at the same time, not a coincidence, usually.

Comments: Not only totally unfair and unbalanced but a real call for war. Kilmeade prodded both guests by adding his little tidbits about the VP and President both talking tough and this is not a coincidence, usually. Maybe we'll go to war during this administration! Cowan did his usual bravado talking and casually said we're certainly going to take some casualties. Does human life mean so little to these people?

I doubt it's just a coincidence that all the good Iraqi stories and beating the war drums for Iran are coming out of Fox.