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Fox & Friends Makes A Big Deal Of Barack Obama Not Putting His Hand Over Heart During National Anthem - But Bush Made His Own Mistake

Reported by Donna - October 23, 2007 -

Fox and Friends made a big deal of a picture of Barack Obama who didn't have his hand over his heart duing the playing of the national anthem. Of course the picture came from that ultra right wing source, Newsbusters, who complained that no major media had not picked it up.

But of course Fox picked it up. Do they go to Newsbusters for all their stories?

What they don't show is this picture of President Bush Bush_Hand.jpg
who had his hand over his, what is that? Groin? While the national anthem played.

Fox & Friends ran several segments on this and even had and email segment on it where a woman wrote that Barack Obama's presidency should be over once this becomes a major story.

Comments: Maybe as our president he should resign for not respecting the national anthem to put his hand over his heart. It's the same reasoning that Fox & Friends uses.