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Another Unfair and Unbalanced Report on Fox & Friends - Christianity Over Atheism

Reported by Donna - October 23, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had on Dinesh D'Souza, author of the book What's so Great About Christianity, and who debated Christopher Hitchens over religion and atheism.

The only problem was, they only had D'Souza on, who argued the religious point while no Christopher Hitchens was no where in sight to give his opinion on atheism.

D'Souza said that Hitchens had been going across the country debating pastors which he felt was unfair. Gretchen Carlson piped in that pastors are not supposed to get involved in heated debates. (Giving D'Souza a pat on the back there)

D'Souza said he used science, evidence and reason, the same tools that atheists use.

Doocy said that Hitchens said that he doesn't want God to exist. (laughing) He said Hitchens said christians are very gullible. They showed a clip of Hitchens saying that religion used corrupt texts and non eyewitnesses down the years.

Carlson said that's the point of Christianity is faith and D'Souza agreed and said there wasn't scientific evidence but it teaches morality and religion gives meaning to life. (Comment: So how did he use scientific evidence as he said previously to prove the Christianity point?)

Doocy asked about the 1000 people in the audience and how did they react. He wanted to know who's side they were on. D'Souza said it was about half and half. D'Souza said it was (of course) NYC and the atheists were out in force.

Comments: A very unfair and unbalanced report from Fox. It was D'Souza, Doocy and Carlson on one side and no one on the other. Carlson even said that Hitchens had been a guest on their show as had D'Souza. So why not have them both on? I mean, to be fair and balanced and all. Hitchens also has a new book out, which wasn't mentioned on Fox while D'Souza's was. But we will mention Hitchens book here - God is Not Great - How Religion Poisons Everything.

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