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How Fox Treats O.J.'s Bail Money and Bush's War Money

Reported by Melanie - October 22, 2007 -

On September 19, the anchor of Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, aired several segments about O.J. Simpson posting bail after getting busted in Las Vegas. In an attempt to justify that on a "business news" show, Cavuto said, "That's money. Boom! That's a big business story." (Here is the video.)

Today (October 22, 2007) Cavuto primarily devoted his "business news" show to the "So Cal" wildfires. He did go "off topic" as it were, for three segments -- two about New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's proposal to grant driver's licenses to "illegals," and one bashing Arnold Schwarzenegger's admonition to the GOP presidential candidates to move to the center. (Cavuto's guest was Liz Cheney, a Fred Thompson supporter, who essentially said that Schwarzenegger, being from the left coast and all, doesn't know what he's talking about and Thompson's conservative message plays just fine in the heartland, thank you very much.)

So, on an apparently slow business news day, when he can devote most of his show to "So Cal," he'd rather distract his audience with that instead of finding a way to work in news of the $189 billion Bush asked for today to fight his wars. Seems to me, compared to O.J. Simpson's bail money, "that's money!" But alas, that information is best kept off the table. Thanks in part to Fox News and the likes of Neil Cavuto himself, the 25%-ers probably have no idea we're headed toward $1 trillion in that department, but hey, at the very least, they can go through life knowing how much O.J. paid to get out of jail.