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FOX Business Panel Leaves the Word "Children" Out of Discussion of SCHIP

Reported by Marie Therese - October 22, 2007 -

On Saturday October 20, 2007, during Cashin' In, the panel of business experts discussed a "free health care program" that had just been voted down in Congress. For a moment I was confused. What program were they talking about? Then it dawned on me. It was the State Children's Hospital Insurance Program (SCHIP) which the Democrats wanted to expand to include coverage for 10 million more poor children. However, not one panelist - including Democrat Mark Lamont Hill - ever used the words "children" or "child." Instead they substituted the word "people" thus leading the FOX audience to believe that the program was some kind of nefarious plan to foist "government insurance" on an unsuspecting electorate. It was downright eerie and felt like a preplanned maneuver. With video.

While I expected no better from the regular crew on Cashin' in - Tobin Smith, Gary B. Smith, Bob Olstein, Brenda Buttner - I was mightily disappointed in Professor Hill, who usually defends the liberal side very eloquently. I hope FOX News did not subtly persuade him to "just this once" refrain from making his point as effectively as he usually does. I am reminded of past Democrats, passionate defenders of the left, who slowly but surely toned down their message once they became "FOX News Contributors." The names Kirsten Powers, Laura Schwartz and Bob Beckel come to mind. One hopes that Mark Lamont Hill is not headed down the same road.