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Bill O'Reilly Cares More About Selling Books Than Helping Children

Reported by Deborah - October 20, 2007 -

This week the news that a Middle School in Portland Maine had decided to offer birth control to their students got everyone's attention. Most of us find the idea of sexually active 11 year olds both shocking and unsettling and most agree that this societal reality deserves a closer look. However, Bill O'Reilly saw this as an opportunity to fan the flames of his hyped up " culture war" creating a scenario blaming "Secular Progressives", the enemies he created in his book Culture Warrior, for the decision in Portland, Maine. BOR also revealed, during his raging Talking Points, that "Culture Warrior" came out in paperback this week.

O'Reilly wants his viewers to believe that the SPs, secular progressives, are some vast organized force trying to corrode the moral fiber of the country.

"Now giving sixth grade girls the pill is dumb. It doesn't protect them from disease and tacitly says that sex at that young age is understandable.
This is foolish, ridiculous, and irresponsible. But in the secular progressive world. The SP doctrine is to quote, "empower children" and downgrade parental authority because some parents are bad."

O'Reilly also claimed that the 'Woodstock generation people" have congregated in Vermont and Maine and are very active.

The SPs love that. Like Vermont, Maine is a state where many Woodstock generation people have congregated and they are very active"

He wants his viewers to envision aging, gray haired hippies prancing through the Portland streets smoking pot and chanting " make love, not war" and slipping condoms into their 11 year old's lunch box next to the organic peanut butter and jelly sandwichs.

The New York Times offers a more realistic view of what's really going on in Portland after this decision. People are conflicted and concerned and parents are trying to deal with the grim reality of this issue

Then he slipped in a plug for his book, "Culture Warrior"

"It is ironic that the week my book "Cultural Warrior" comes out in paperback, intense culture battles erupt across the country."

He wound up branding the Maine educators as SPs pimping for their doctrine.

"So the SP educators in Maine have decided to send a message because of about one pregnancy a year. And the kids get that message loud and clear. If you want to have sex at age 11, see the nurse"

Laura Berman was the follow up guest and found O'Reilly's "SP" label amusing. When BOR asked her if she was one of the evil SPs she laughed and claimed she was a " traditional progressive" which definitely annoyed the cranky warrior.

Berman reminded viewers that kids are really having sex at a very young age and it's wise to deal with it. She tried to discuss the importance of sex ed but O'Reilly kept interrupting her and finally announced he wasn't going to get into that. O'Reilly is not a fan of sex ed.

comment: Isn't it interesting that Bill didn't mention his new book, " Kids Are Americans Too".
Maybe he didn't want to remind viewers how a true advocate for children might have handled this issue. If he really gave a damn about kids, he might have engaged Laura Berman in a constructive conversation. He might have gone beyond blaming the SPs addressing the real substance of the issue. Instead he used this valuable opportunity to prop himself up, slander the SPs ( Democrats), and sell some books.