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"Some say" the Philadelphia Boy Scouts are the victims of "the gay agenda"

Reported by Chrish - October 19, 2007 -

The harmonious trio on FOX and Friends this morning 10/19/07 were (surprise!) in agreement that the Boy Scouts in Philadelphia are being wronged by the City, who has requested that they either amend their non-discrimination policy, or pay a fair market value for the city property that they currently rent for $1/year. That would be a rent increase, should they choose to not comply, of $199,999.00/year.

Gretchen Carlson first understated that they have "a really good deal" on the rent and dismissed the legal challenges as "some kind of scuttlebutt."

The Mayor, John Street, and a City Solicitor, unnamed, have asked the Boy Scout chapter to spell out their non-discrimination policy, which currently states that they will not discriminate against anyone illegally. But "some on the Boy Scouts' side are saying" he is openly gay and has an agenda here.

Brian Kilmeade added that there are 64,000 Boy Scouts in Philadelphia alone, and they vote, and they have parents that vote. If they can't work this out, (cue violins) they're going to take away camps, they're going to take away all the things they offer for underprivileged kids, and, apparently tired of being remotely serious he and Doocy kidded (I hope) that they're going to have to jack up hte price of the popcorn and start charging the Webelos for medallions.

So the story got reported, essentially, but FOX got in their perspective that it's the big bad gay lawyer who's trying to inflict his "agenda" (of acceptance? tolerance?) on the poor Boy Scouts. There was no-one to offer indignation on behalf of gay taxpayers whose money is being used to underwrite an organization who openly despises them.