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Rush Limbaugh Mocks 12 Year-Old SCHIP Advocate While Claiming Never To Have Attacked Him

Reported by Ellen - October 19, 2007 -

Rush Limbaugh got about 20 minutes of commercial-free time on Hannity & Colmes last night (10/18/07) in which to smear, attack and demean his country – at least the growing plurality that considers itself Democratic – without any significant debate or balance on the “We like America” network. He offered some revisionist history of his “phony soldiers” comments that went unremarked. As the piece de resistance, Limbaugh mocked 12 year-old SCHIP advocate Graeme Frost while insisting he (Limbaugh) had never attacked the boy. With video.

In Part 1, Limbaugh discussed the “phony soldiers” controversy. As he did with all the topics, he complained about Democrats not debating on the issues then spent most of HIS time smearing without addressing the issues. Now we know where Sean Hannity learned his debating “skills.”

Limbaugh was full of baseless accusations that went unquestioned, much less challenged. He called Media Matters for America “just a Hillary Clinton front group” designed to get her elected president. As Media Matters was founded in 2004, one wonders what Limbaugh thinks they were doing in the years before Clinton declared herself a candidate. Was it Media Matters’ master strategy to advocate for Kerry, knowing he’d lose, so that they could set it up for Clinton in ’08?

Alan Colmes sounded like he wanted to debate Limbaugh and made a rudimentary attempt. One can imagine the constraints that prevented anything more robust. But, sadly, a lot of Limbaugh's spin and most of his smears went unchallenged. Colmes said, “Those who criticized you have pointed out you said ‘soldiers,’ plural, and then when you played it back a couple of days later, you edited out about a minute and thirty-five seconds of time so it wasn’t clear, initially you were talking about one particular soldier.”

Limbaugh responded with an elaborate explanation for his edits that somehow left out the facts that a) when he posted the edited version, he claimed it was a full transcript; b) his transcript did not indicate that it had been edited; and c) it conveniently deleted about a minute and 35 seconds that elapsed between his “phony soldiers” comment and his discussion of Jesse MacBeth, the so-called phony soldier Limbaugh claims was the only one he had in mind. Another inconvenient truth that Limbaugh,the self-proclaimed truth-lover, overlooked was that he had also attacked veterans John Murtha and Paul Hackett.

Limbaugh continued, “You’ve gotta stop listening to these partisans and these propagandists at Media Matters For America. They are nothing but a bunch of hacks who are producing the prime time at MSNBC. If they ever went dark, Media Matters, MSNBC would have nothing to say… The drive-by media does not listen to my show, does not go to my website, they take for granted whatever Media Matters says about what I said is true. It is irresponsible, it’s journalistic malpractice and it’s silly.”

In Part 2, Hannity and Limbaugh whined some more about those meanie liberals criticizing them. Limbaugh said, “They have to lie. What I think people need to understand is that liberalism needs a monopoly with no counter-offensive, no alternative point of view to flourish because liberalism is, basically, a lie. And liberals lie about what they do and they lie about what you say, they lie about what I say. They will not engage us in the arena of ideas and debate us for two reasons. One is, they can’t win. The second reason is they can’t be honest about what they really intend for this country to look like. So rather than engage us, what they have to do is try to discredit us.”

Somehow, he tied that all in to Hillary Clinton (and they talk about Bush Derangement Syndrome!) “It’s typical of Mrs. Clinton’s procedure. Mrs. Clinton is not interested in debating people on the merits of ideas… Her mission is to simply destroy and discredit anybody who would say anything critical of her in a successful way… Mrs. Clinton and Media Matters and all these different groups have to make things up about what we said, take things out of context about what we say, in order to try to discredit. They’re trying to limit our growth. And they’re also trying to impinge on our ability to do business and that is something that has to be taken very seriously.”

Limbaugh sounds to me like another bullyboy who can dish it out and then cries foul the moment he’s on the receiving end. Wah! Wah! Wah!

During Colmes’ turn, he brought up Limbaugh's attacks on the Frost family. You have attacked people like the family, for example, of Graeme Frost… Should this family be the victim of barbs from anybody because they’re trying to do best for their kid?”

Limbaugh insisted, “No, Alan, that’s an interesting question. I never once attacked this family. I attacked the Democrats for exploiting them. I attacked the Democrats for putting lies into the head of a 12-year old.” So was Limbaugh saying that Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or someone like that coerced the family into doing the ad? Limbaugh's website, where he complains that the family is well off, made choices to invest in property rather than healthcare, makes the family sound like charlatans, not victims.

Then, just as he was insisting he was not smearing the family, Limbaugh began to mock the child. “A 12-year old they send out before microphones and cameras, to sit there and say, (he did a derisive, sneering imitation of a child's voice) ‘I only want health care for the rest of American children like I got and George Bush is against…’ A 12 year-old can’t write that garbage. The fact of the matter is, Graeme Frost was covered and got the health care he and his sister – both got the health care they needed under the current circumstances of the program. …I never attacked this family. I simply reported what their financial circumstances are. I actually feel sorry for ‘em to be used… I never once attacked – I wouldn’t attack a 12 year-old kid. I feel sorry for the fact that the kid is having words put in his mouth. He’s sent out before the whole country to lie, when he can’t know any better because he’s 12 years old, simply to advance another lie that the Democrats want to put forth.”

Once again, Limbaugh was given a pass on a whopper.

But at the end (in Part 3), Colmes said, “When Hillary wins, I invite you back on the show to debate a liberal so a liberal and a conservative can actually go at it. We’d love to have you come back and debate the issues when Hillary becomes president of the United States.”

Hannity said, “Never happen.”

For once, I agree with Hannity, though not because I think Hillary will lose.