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John Stossel: An Inconvenient Truth "brainwashing, propaganda"

Reported by Chrish - October 19, 2007 -

The Friends on FOX brought on yet another "expert", or at least a well-known name, to discredit Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore and his Oscar-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." ABC's 20-20 host John Stossel, himself widely discredited for inaccurate, unbalanced and sloppy reporting, is not convinced that man-made carbon emissions bear a direct correlation to climate change.

Over a banner reading "Global Warming Myths" the trio and their fourth repeated the same old talking points about there being no proof that man's burning of fossil fuels is influencing climate change. Stossel dismissed Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize, saying

"Well, the Nobel Peace Prize, that's, five Norwegian politicians can give out what they want, and I have no problem with that. My problem is with his movie and this religious-like campaign about, we must all go back to the stone-age because we're evil because we're creating global warming."

That got a chuckle from Doocy, off-camera friend, who didn't correct his gross misrepresentation and instead asked, "which part of that do you disagree with?" Everybody's laughing now, Al Gore, what a riot.

Stossel objected to Gore's "intimidation" of scientists who disagree, by saying they've been "purchased" by millions of dollars, and promised to have some of them on 20/20 to say they disagree with Gore in that they don't know if global warming is man-made or if it is going to be a crisis.

Carlson injected that she believes some scientists have even been fired from universities for their stance, but did not cite any specifics or sources.

Kilmeade brought up the guest from Monday, a hurricane expert, who accuses his fellow scientists of lying about global warming in order to get grant money. He repeated the charge of intimidation, and Stossel confirmed that not only won't you get "the million dollars" but your colleagues will ostracize you. He said one skeptic even received a death threat: someone sent him an email that said he won't live long enough to see global warming.

In conversation with Steve Doocy, Stossel said his wife and daughter saw Gore's movie and both came from it believing mankind is contributing to global warming; Doocy's 18-year-old daughter reacted similarly. Doocy asked if Stossel thought it was brainwashing, propaganda? and Stossel replied "Certainly."

Carlson brought up the British judge who ruled that students needed to be "warned" of the "nine errors" in the film before viewing it, but somehow FOX has overlooked the German Environment Minister who has come out in defense of Gore and the film, saying "A couple of errors in detail are no reason to disparage an entire film. We assume that teachers will encourage their students to view (the film) with a critical eye."

Doocy asked if Gore's Oscar should be returned, because it won in the documentary category, and Stossel dismissed it, too, as also being just some people giving their opinion. )Wonder if he feels similarly unimpressed with his own accolades?)

Kilmeade gave a typical juvenile summation: first establish why you don't like Bush, and if the composition comes out good enough, you'll get the award.

Not one voice in agreement with Gore, not one voice veering from the Friends' party line, where you'll "Get the latest news, plus a lot of great laughs, from your hosts Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy. It’s better than coffee!" Yeah, laughs at the expense of Democrats and liberals. Global warming, what a riot.