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Morgan Stanley sale of New York Times' holdings attributed to paper's alleged "liberal bias"

Reported by Chrish - October 18, 2007 -

Viewers of FOX and Friend this morning 10/18/07 were informed ever so briefly that Morgan Stanley ("you've probably heard of them, big investment firm") sold its stake in the New York Times (variously reported as 7.2%, 7.3%, and 7.6%). According to Gretchen Carlson, MSIS "doesn't like the fact that the family (which owns the majority interest) has this much control."

Throughout the segment the banner read "NYT Stock Dump."

Brian Kilmeade elaborated, rambling that the "chairman and author Sulzburger," there's been a dispute, there's some personality problems there, they've divested themselves, now the stock is down...

Steve Doocy contributed that over the last few years the NYT has "taken it on the chin," becuase "they've been exposed to have a liberal bias," "that guy Jason Blair made up a bunch of stories,"(May 2003), and "in the last couple of weeks we learned that MoveOn.org got a 'sweetheart deal'" and now Morgan Stanley says "New York Times: bad business, we're getting out of it."

As usual, there's a grain of truth behind the propaganda.

Morgan Stanley, which has been after the NYT to change its "dual-class" stock structure for well over a year, and who has recently cut 600 jobs after lower than expected earnings, did sell of their stake and it did have something to do with the majority stock-holders control. But it had nothing to do with alleged liberal bias or Jason Blair or MoveOn.org.

But speaking of MoveOn.org, when the brouhaha erupted over their being charged the "stand-by" rate by a NYTimes representative, they promptly paid the difference of $77,508 in "an abundance of caution."

Not so Republican presidential candidate and Roger Ailes pal Rudy Giuliani, who got the same "sweetheart deal" as MoveOn and has to date NOT repaid the difference, even though Giuliani himself said, in an interview at the time, that his campaign wanted the ad to run on a specific day, the following day, (Friday September 14th), which it did.