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More Scathing Reviews of the Fox "Business" Network

Reported by Melanie - October 18, 2007 -

Eric Alterman and George Zornick at the Center for American Progress offer up this review of the Fox "Business" Network: Think Again: Everything is Beautiful: The Fox Business Network.

A person watching the Fox Business Network this week would leave largely unaware of the seriousness of certain financial crises facing the country. In discussing the mortgage crisis and the upcoming bailout of the industry, Fox Business Network commentators carefully avoided the words 'bail' and 'out.'
Of course no one made any mention of any Bush administration policies that might have contributed to the crisis, nor of the potential peril that still lies ahead. When a commentator ventured that the bailout process was “complicated,” he was quickly warned that there is “no jargon” on the new network. You read that right: In the universe of Fox business reporting, 'complexity = jargon.'

H/T to reader W.G. in the Netherlands.

And there's this from today's (October 18, 2007) Variety, which is subscription only:

Give Roger Ailes his due: As if addressing doubts about his ability to make business news sexy, the Fox News Channel mastermind has populated his startup network with a bevy of beauties who represent, thus far, its most salient attribute...

The female staffers and talking heads featured on the fledgling net
work didn’t get there by accident, so it’s hardly sexist to point out the glaringly obvious. Realizing that the heavy hitters interviewed would be mostly old-white-guy CEOs, the channel has conspicuously adorned its talent roster with eye candy for the predominantly male audience apt to tune in.

Based on a sampling during the net’s premiere week, the result is a parade of Stepford anchors, reporters and pundits, peaking during the surreally goofy “Happy Hour” — co-hosted by Rebecca Gomez in a Manhattan bar... The hour’s closing segment dealt with a self-explanatory website, Myfreeimplants.com, complete with a satisfied customer.


Neil Cavuto — the signature primetime voice — practically crawled into GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s lap to be read a no-newtaxes bedtime story. He’s followed nightly by preening gasbag David Asman, another Fox News transplant.

Ouch, and exactly what we expected.