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FOX provides platform for Horowitz' "Islamo-fascism Awareness" week

Reported by Chrish - October 18, 2007 -

David Horowitz appeared on FOX and Friends this morning to promote his "Islamo-fascism awareness" tour that's coming to 100 college campuses this week. Asked why it's necessary, he replied that "the curriculum on college campuses is sympathy, tolerance and understanding for our enemies," and apparently he (and his speakers, including some proudly self-proclaimed Christians) is opposed to that.

He went on to say he objects to the "silence of women's studies departments about the suppresion of women in Islam." According to InsideHigherEd,

"Allison Kimmich, executive director of the National Women’s Studies Association, said that Horowitz was “completely off the mark” with his view of the discipline and she noted that many scholars in the field examine the treatment of women in Islam and in countries all over the world. “I think that the notion that women’s studies faculty ignore the complexity of women’s treatment under Islam or any fundamentalist religion is a demonstration of how little Horowitz knows about the field of women’s studies, because there is a great deal of scholarly work on this subject,” she said."

Conflating the war in Iraq with the attacks of 9/11, he said the US cannot leave Iraq ; this war can't be ended by the US because we didn't start it; we were attacked. The banner through much of the segment read "Unveiling Islam: What you should know."

Speakers will include Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter (who thinks women shouldn't vote, among many other off-the-wall, not-to-be-taken-seriously spoutings), Rick Santorum, Michael Ledeen, Daniel Pipes, and Horowitz himself. "The Path to 9/11", shown to have taken material factual liberties and produced by a cadre of right-wingers with an agenda, will be shown, despite the fact according to Horowitz that Hillary Clinton has censored it. ABC, which aired the movie, ran four disclaimers that "this is not a documentary" but we can confidently assume no such caveat will be shown to students.

Ironically, Horowitz' crusade invokes at least four of the 14 defining characterisitics of fascism itself:

3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause
4. Supremacy of the Military
7. Obsession with National Security
11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts