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Turkish Government Gives Greenlight For Troops To Invade Northern Iraq

Reported by Donna - October 17, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he announced that the Turkish Government had given the greenlight for Turkish troops to invade northern Iraq and fight Kurdish terrorists. Though the government did say it wasn't imminent, they did say they had the greenlight.

It's President Bush spreading Democracy throughout the Middle East again.

Stufio B said that Turkey was poised to attack Iraq and going after Kurdish terrorists. 60,000 Turkish troops are massed on the Iraq/Turkey border. It was reported that 3,000 Turkish troops were already in Iraq and had been there for years.

Fox ran a border on the bottom of the screen that said, 'Bush - it's not in Turkeys best interest to invade Iraq'. But how much weight does that carry? Turkey is going to do what they feel they need to do and the first step is making this announcement.

Steve Harrington and Jennifer Griffin reported that the U.S. was not going to open up a third front in the war in Iraq. Smith asked what would happen if the Turks invaded. Harrigan said that the terrorists would move and innocents would be killed.

Comments: We saw this coming for years, Turkey has been threatening the Kurds for years. Now they just gave themselves the greenlight to attack. The war in the Middle East is just spreading and growing, the useless search for Democracy is a pipe dream thought up by Bush and his administration. Remember, right now there is relative peace in the Kurdish area of Iraq. Now we can expect more innocents to get killed because of Bush's war of choice in Iraq.