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Studio B Runs Banner 'Giuliani + 9/11 = White House?? After Judy Giuliani Interview With Sean Hannity (Awww, what a hard interview)

Reported by Donna - October 17, 2007 -

Shepard Smith on Studio B announced that Judy Giuliani had an interview with Sean Hannity under 'an obviously very friendly' circumstance last night. He said the subject was of course, 9/11. He then had on Republican Strategist, Margaret Hoover and Democratic Strategist, Malia Lazu, to discuss the candidates.

Hoover, the Republican strategist, said that the media needed to let up on Judy Giuliani, she was new to the venue and did a brilliant job. Smith said, "Oh, it's all the media." She said no Republican wives have been mudslinging the way that Democratic wives had. (Comment: She offered no examples) A big banner read, 'Rudy Giuliani + 9/11 = The White House??'

Lazu, said she thought it was a very friendly place, as Shepard said, to come out on and she looked forward to hearing more of her comments.

Smith asked Lazu when the mudslinging started and Lazu said she hoped it would not. Smith asked if they waited until after the primaries. Lazu said that they have so many issues that they could throw at the Republican Party, they have so much to clean up after the eight years of shenanigans and running up the deficit, so she doesn't think that they have to attack people's wives or husband for that matter. She doesn't think that anyone on the Republican side has a nice clean record. She knows that Hillary Clinton doesn't want to see that and we should be bringing up the issues. The issues are what we should be voting on.

Hoover said she's all for voting on the issues. Smith said that c'mon the Republicans have done plenty of mudslinging at the Democrats. He said in the Republican debates they are attacking Hillary Clinton all the time. Hoover said Democrats are not attacking Republicans yet because they are still in the primarie mode. (Comment: Which didn't answer Smith's question of why the Republicans are always attacking Hillary, after all, the Republicans are still in primary mode also)

Lazu said that she hoped that the new younger voters would raise the level of debate.

Comment: This was a perfect example of the Democratic Strategist taking the high road. She said she looked forward to hearing more from her. It was kind of odd that Smith seemed to go after the Republicans on this one and maybe that's because it's true. The Democrats are focusing on each other while in the Republican debates they are going after Hillary. And, unlike what the Republican strategist said, the media was 'easy' on Judy Giuliani again.

Of course Fox ran that banner that played right into Giuliani's playbook - Giuliani + 9/11 = White House??