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Liberal Perspective Almost Completely Shut Out From FOX News’ 10/16/07 Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - October 17, 2007 -

FOX News reached a new level of imbalance on Hannity & Colmes last night (10/16/07) as the entire guest line-up consisted of conservatives and liberal Alan Colmes got to participate in only one, two-part discussion plus a brief debate at the end. With video.

The next time anyone on FOX News complains about Democrats refusing to go on, I hope whoever has the chance will point to Hannity & Colmes’ regular practice of offering lengthy interviews to Republicans without questions from Colmes. Last night, Rudy and Judith Giuliani got the first half of the show to themselves plus the fawning Sean Hannity. It was not even disclosed that he has been an acrtive fundraise for Giuliani. Needless to say, there was lots of talk about 9/11 and not a single inquiry about the questions that linger about his much-touted record in that regard.

After the news, conservative Dinesh D’Souza got a double segment to plug his new book. Colmes participated in those discussions.

But after D’Souza came Part 2 of Hannity’s week-long anti-illegal immigrant “investigation” called The Price We Pay. That three-part segment took up the rest of the show, along with a preview of tomorrow night's installment. Neither Colmes nor any other liberal nor immigrant-advocate has had a part, at least not so far. But it was clear from the brief debate at the end of program that Colmes had something to add to the discussion, as the video below shows.

At least part of “The Price We Pay” is currently on FOXNews.com, as will, I’m sure, the interview with Giuliani.